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Why Is Pusa 1401 Basmati Rice So Widely Preferred?

Posted by Admin on October, 14, 2021

If you thought all Basmati rice are the same then you might want to re-think. The special Pusa 1401 basmati rice that you buy from the Pusa 1401 basmati rice exporter is an advanced variant of hybrid basmati rice that can easily be distinguished by its enticing aroma. Of all other types of basmati rice, the Pusa 1401 is the only early maturing one that promises a better yield.

What Differentiates Basmati Rice from Other Types of Rice?

The 1401 basmati rice is loved because of its rich flavour and delightful aroma. And if you thought that’s all for Pusa 1401 basmati rice then you are wrong. Every grain of the rice is cooked until perfection. What makes it irresistibly appealing to all is its texture and aroma. The approx. grain length of this basmati rice is about 7.3mm and is this the advanced hybrid form of scented basmati rice.

The Unique Structure of Pusa 1401 Basmati Rice

The 1401 Pusa basmati rice offered by the Pusa 1401 basmati rice exporter is popular because of its one-of-its-kind structure and its delightful taste. The Pusa 1401 basmati rice is longer than all other types of rice varieties. They are also fluffier and are counted as the hybrid type of basmati rice available in India.

Top Reasons to Invest in Pusa 1401 Basmati Rice

1401 Pusa Basmati Rice Has Overall Health Benefits

Apart from being gluten-free, basmati rice is also fat-free. Not only does basmati rice includes all different types of important amino acids, but it also has less sodium. The zero cholesterol 1401 basmati rice is also popular for having glycemic index that ranges between low-medium, which implies that the energy rate is slower yet steadier which results in a balanced level of energy.

It is a Delightful Experience to Savor Basmati Rice
The Pusa 1401 basmati rice that you can get from the Pusa 1401 basmati rice exporter in Mauritius has unmatched quality and texture. Unlike the other types of long-grain rice, this particular rice variant is quite filling and can be a delighting experience both in terms of texture and its distinctive nutty taste.

The Scent of Puma 1401 Basmati Rice is Worth Cherishing

The Puma 1401 basmati rice is known for its tempting aroma which resembles flowers and wood. And the urge to eat this rice increases when you smell it while cooking it.

They Have Minimal Arsenic Content

Unlike other types of rice, basmati rice is low in arsenic. For those who aren’t aware, arsenic is a heavy metal that can pose risks and complications to your health and increase your chances of cancers, heart diseases, and diabetes. The Pusa 1401 basmati rice contains minimal to zero arsenic content and henceforth, it is healthy to consume this rice everyday.

The Pusa 1401 basmati rice is enriched with a vast array of nutrients which is what adds to the nutritional value of the rice. Through the consumption of this rice, you can always meet your mineral and vitamin requirements. The Pusa 1401 basmati rice by the Pusa 1401 basmati rice exporter from Mauritius always wins when compared with other types of rice varieties in terms of texture, taste, and quality.

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